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Why I’m Not Embracing My Mom-Bod, and That’s Okay - Fit4Mom Greater Denver


Let me make this perfectly clear, all bodies are beautiful and capable of amazing things. I’m all for positive body image and loving yourself no matter what – if that’s truly how you feel. If you’re anything like me, you might not be as ready to accept and embrace the body that pregnancy has gifted…



These are basically a homemade #larabar and we're in L O V E. have you ever made DIY energy balls? What's your favorite ingredient? We love adding dates, coconut, dark chocolate chips, and pecans, personally. . . . 📷 | Repost @thewellnestdiaries . . "Coconut covered almond date cacao cashew balls...these balls are everything! Long title for such little bites, but that's pretty much all the ingredients in these babies! When I was pregnant with Romy my mid-wife and doula highly encouraged eating 6 dates/day to help ease labor. I don't like dates alone so I was all about date smoothies, balls, date butter, etc. to get in my dates. Where were these balls when I needed them, they are the BEST I've ever had and it was hard not to eat the whole batch in one sitting! Recipe over @deliciouslyella." . . #eatrealfood #allorganiceverything #pregnancyfood #FIT4MOM #themotherhoodisreal #strengthinmotherhood

These are so good, and definitely worth a try! Happy Saturday! #fit4momgreaterdenver #FIT4MOM #themotherhoodisreal #jerf

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Check out the new FIT4MOM NoCo


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