"I leave with the thought of, 'When do we start training for another????!'"

LeAnn Warner

I have never been able to say, "I love running." And I've run off-and-on some of my adult life. I have entered various races, as well, but never said "Gosh, I love running!"

I just completed my second half marathon on 5/4/2014, (I completed the other in 2010). I finished the half and said "Gosh, I LOVE running!!!!!!!!"

To me, this speaks volumes of the training regiment I was given to follow. From food tips, hydration, training runs, picking the right shoes, and our trainer. I would never of finished with that feeling had I not had the training and trainer that I did!! And I have proof that it works. When I attempted this half in 2010 at 35-yrs-old and no kids. It took me 3 hrs and 18 mins.

I finished it 5/4/2014 at 39-yrs-old, 2 kids later in 2 hrs and 46 mins! I cut 32mins off my time! That is HUGE! I did this, as I stated earlier because of this training group and the mindset Darcy helped create for each of us! I owe so much to her and the group. I leave with the thought of, "When do we start training for another????!"

I now have more belief in myself and now want to improve even more! Better! Faster! Stronger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being a runner mother rules!

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Check out the new FIT4MOM NoCo


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