Body Back Transformation 10 Week Session

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What is Body Back?

A life-changing 10-week program for moms of any age, whether you had a baby 3 months ago or 20 years ago!

  • Twice-weekly HIIT format workouts
  • Clean eating nutrition counseling and recipes
  • Food journals
  • At-home workout DVDs specially formulated for high calorie burn in small time frames
  • Small group training for maximum individual results
  • Homework assignments
  • Accountability
  • Before and After assessments, measurements, photos and weigh-ins
  • Baby/Kid free workouts, two hours a week to work on YOU
  • New friends and a new you!

Body Back is a program for mamas who are ready to make a real change. This is our most intensive program with one on one coaching and accountability every step of the way. With two High Intensity Interval training classes per week specially designed to maximize Body Back participant results, you will get stronger, leaner and more fit while losing weight and inches with the support of our highly trained Body Back pros.

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