Exercise the First Six Weeks After Delivery

Do you wonder what kind of exercise you can do after having a baby? Well, always check with your doctor first, but these recommendations should guide you along as you regain your strength after baby.

General recommendations:

• Begin Pelvic floor rehab immediately: Kegels

• Weeks 0-2: Focus on gentle activity, begin pelvic tilts and small abdominal crunches

• Weeks 2-4: short walks, duration 5-15 minutes

• Weeks 4-6: maintain routine, don’t rush progression

Your goals in your first 6 weeks are rest and recovery and to bond with baby. Exercise should be stress relieving not stress producing. Don't focus on weight loss quite yet. Instead, adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that can significantly impact your health for decades.

Generally, you can resume exercise if uncomplicated delivery at your 6-week check up. Build up slowly and gradually. Stop if it causes pain, dizziness or fatigue. Stop exercise if it causes increase in bleeding.

With C-section delivery, start with gentle movement. It aids circulation and healing. You can start Kegels and mild abdominal exercise in the first few days. The recovery process is slower. Over-exertion may delay wound closure. Be cautious to avoid bending into a forward flexed posture.

Stroller Strides is proud to offer classes in accordance to ACOG guidelines. They are a great way to get back in shape with your baby and to meet other new moms.

Looking for classes in Northern Colorado? Check out the new FIT4MOM NoCo

Check out the new FIT4MOM NoCo

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