Pelvic Floor With Rachel

Hey Mamas! I am a physical therapist and one of my areas of specialty is in pregnancy and postpartum. I'm here to talk with you about the wonders of the pelvic floor and deep core! I'll be briefly going over what the pelvic floor is, how it should function, what it looks like when it's not doing its job and finally what you can do about it. I'm here to answer any and all questions. Believe me, there is never a "TMI" question or scenario, whether it be pain with intercourse or peeing when you try to run. We've all been there in one way or another, so let's talk about it! I will also be going over some foundational exercises and tips on how to start rebuilding your core and pelvic floor. I look forward to emeeting you all there!

Join Rachel Wed March 25 at 2pm