How Resale Shopping can Satisfy your Stroller Envy

How Resale Shopping can Satisfy your Stroller Envy

Have you ever experienced stroller envy? Before I had kids, I never would have expected to be checking out other mom’s strollers, but I totally do. There are some insanely posh strollers out there these days. And as nice as they are, the price tags that come along with some of these strollers can be pretty hefty. Many of our must have baby items are used for only a few years, or even a few months. That’s why resale is my preferred way to shop for strollers and other baby items.

A good, quality stroller is so important for any family with young kids, especially when that family partakes in activities, such as Stroller Strides classes or marathons. A jogging stroller is the stroller of choice for most active mamas. A good jogging stroller can cost anywhere from $300-$800, but if you do your research, you can find a gently used stroller for a much more affordable price.

Is kid number 2 on the way? Trade your single for a double! Go ahead and get that fancy BOB duallie you’ve had your eye on. Strollers are pretty durable and can last through multiple owners, and with resale you’ll likely get it for half the original price, or less! Then, when you’re ready to graduate from a stroller workout to a more independent, kid free experience, such as a body back class, simply list your stroller/s for the next mama to enjoy.

Not only does resale financially make sense, it also helps the environment. By limiting the amount of goods going into landfills, as well as the amount of new products and the pollution produced by creating them, the environment is getting a much needed break. Every little bit helps when it comes to creating a better environment for our children, and they get to be a part of it through moms shopping sprees!

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