Why I Didn’t Let Doubt Win: My 5k Journey

Running sounds awful, right? Why do people want to run when there are plenty of other means of transportation? These were my exact thoughts on the subject. But believe it or not, there are millions of people in the world who actually enjoy it. They even look forward to it! I doubted I could do such a thing myself, due to the fact that I’m an asthmatic. I was born with asthma and was always excused from any running in gym class while in school. But here I am, ready to be your motivation and to make you believe that it can be done! You can’t let doubt win. I’m here to share how I was able to run a 5k in under 30 minutes. Yep that’s right JUST a 5k. To some that’s nothing, to me it is a huge accomplishment. I mean, I’d never even had to run in a gym class, let alone a race.

It all started with FIT4MOM Greater Denver, the best mom and baby fitness program that I could have ever hoped to be a part of, but that is another story. I started the program with the goal to lose the baby weight. I did what my lungs could tolerate, going to an hour long class, two to three times a week. I felt like I could never keep up! I had been in and out of hospitals for as long as I could remember. In fact, the first night I spent away from my first born was in the hospital. I was admitted for “watch.” I always called it asthma sitting. Adjusting the meds was an all too common occurrence. Finally, my doctors and I found the right combination of asthma medications and I began to get better and stronger with every class I took. I was now able to keep up in class.

Then the wedding planning began. I wanted to lose some pudge and feel confident in my dress. Don’t we all? So, I started running before class; if you want to call that running. I ran around a lake that was 1.4 miles around. I always had to alternate running and walking. I typically made it a mile in no less than 13 minutes. IT WAS HARD! I’d constantly have to use my inhaler during the run. When I actually made it the entire way around the lake, while running, I had only my Fit4mom mom squad to thank. They were, and still are the most encouraging women in my life. My wedding came with a quickness and I looked great!

So there I was, looking good and feeling good, I decided I didn’t need to run anymore. Yep, I GAVE UP on running. I continued to go to classes and work out, but running? Nah, that was too hard. I had another baby and more weight to lose. I got super frustrated that the weight wasn’t moving, so I tried running again. I joined Run Club through FIT4MOM Greater Denver, and let me just say, it wasn’t easy. But I didn’t let doubt win. I did the training.I even recruited my husband. He lost all of the weight by the way. I still had a ways to go, but I told myself I was going to run that 5k; I was NOT going to walk. With the help of my mom squad, I did not walk. I made it! I ran that 5k in 36 minutes. Granted some of the running was more of a slow jog comparable to that of a sloth, but I did it! So I figured, why not keep going? I did Run Club with Fit4mom again in preparation for another 5k. And guess what? Nope, you’re wrong. I didn’t do it! That’s right, I let doubt win. I threw in the towel. I never wanted to run again. I ran away from running.

I began doing a number of other workouts. I started going to a local Cycle Bar class. I did approximately five Fit4mom Body Back sessions. I joined a Gym. I even did a 30 day detox program. I got stronger and I lost some weight. I turned again to run club. I wasn’t going to let doubt win this time. My husband joined me for this one as well. I showed up and I ran well. I was comfortable running a mile without stopping. I pushed myself hard! It felt so good! I felt confident and I could breathe while running. It was too good to be true. With every doubtful thought I had I told myself, “My kids are watching, don’t give up. I CAN do this!”

So there I was on Mother’s Day 2019. My poor daughter was so sick and I thought, “Am I going to do this 5k alone?!” Nope! Even without my family there with me I still had my mom squad for support. I’m super grateful to be part of FIT4MOM Greater Denver; these women are amazing! I showed up nervous that I was going to fail myself again; that I was going to let doubt win. I didn’t. I couldn’t. I had worked too hard. So, I did it! I ran the entire 5k in less than 30 minutes! My time was 29.45, to be exact. I ran and I fought the urge to walk. I talked myself through it. I saw the finish line and I sprinted to it faster than I think I’ve ever moved in my life. I ran like the end of the world was behind me. It can be done folks! Don’t let doubt win.