Our Fearless Leader is Turning One! Sort Of

Our Fearless Leader is Turning One! Sort Of

Jillian Jones is a power-house of a human being. You’re probably asking yourself, is there anything she can’t do? Well, I mean, she can’t walk on water or aim when she pees, but she checks off a lot of boxes. She is a badass woman, a wife to Mike Jones, a mother of 2 beautiful little girls, Brooklyn and Harper, a bomb fitness instructor, a Body Back coach, a marathoner, and is soon to celebrate the one year anniversary of being owner of FIT4MOM Greater Denver!

“I joined Stroller Strides back in January of 2013, and immediately fell in love. The programs were so much more than just a workout, and I quickly fell in love with my tribe.” – Jillian Jones

Born and raised in Sussex County New Jersey, Jillian Jones is one of 5 children. She graduated college with a degree in biology and soon began working for a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. She moved to Colorado in April of 2008 where she attended BelRae veterinary technician college. In 2010 she began working as a licensed therapy technician for a dog rehabilitation pool. In early 2014 she started working for FIT4MOM full time. She went from FIT4MOM member, to instructor, to general manager and finally to owner on May 14, 2016. The rest is History!

There are very few people in the FIT4MOM Greater Denver family who have not been personally touched by Jill. Here are some of the things that her employees had to say about her.

“I remember Jill when she first started coming to Strides. She was so shy and sweet. She is so inspirational because her transformation these last few years has not only been physical (she looks Ah-mazing!!) but emotional too! She is so confident now and the perfect balance of understanding and strong. I can honestly say I wouldn't still be teaching if Jill wasn't here. She has brought such an amazing light and positive energy to the tribe and I can't imagine my life without her in it. She is an incredible mom who gives everything she has for those two beautiful girls and I'm so lucky to have met her when I did because now my daughter has a friend for life and so do I.” – Amber Braun

“Jill is the strongest woman I know. Her dedication to her husband, her girls, her goals, and her business is like none other. She has had highs, lows, and weathered storms, but always manages to come out on top with a smile on her face and a kind word for someone else. She's amazing! She's my hero! She's my best friend! I love you Jill!” – Dawn Storey

“Jill has a strong passion for healthy living and works hard with anything she does, but it is her genuine care for other moms, wanting what is best for them, that makes her the most amazing fit4mom owner. I honestly could not be happier working under her leadership; she is such an inspiration!! – Gina Jones

“Jill's passion for empowering moms is incredible. She encourages us to do our best and be our best even when we don't think it's possible. She strives to help us become stronger individuals, achieve our goals and set higher expectations while understanding the obstacles we face every day. She reminds us to find the "me" as well as the mom!! She has turned her company into a family and I am proud to be a part of it.” – Amy Wagner

"Jill's attitude and love for Fit4mom is contagious! She is an amazing boss that cares about her clients and instructors. Fit4mom is not just a business for her it's a lifestyle and the Denver area moms are very fortunate to have her" - Dena Kret

“Jill feeds my competitive spirit and makes me feel like I've belonged in the fit4mom family my whole life. She's an inspiration and I truly value our friendship.” - Cameron Morris

“Jill is a phenomenal owner. She brings the attributes of a great mother into her business and that is what makes her so wonderful to be around and work for. She is kind, understanding, sensitive to others, and at the same time is motivating, driven, and extremely hard working!” – Savannah Nobles

“Jill is always so thoughtful and genuinely cares about you. After having my third child in August, she checked in with me asking if she could do anything, like take my older two little ones, and was there to commiserate about the sleepless nights, crazy schedules, and general chaos that I was feeling. Jill makes you feel indispensable. She's a mom and caretaker first and a business woman second, which makes her the best and most perfect owner of Fit4Mom Greater Denver.” – Erin Palkoner

“Jill's passion for friendship, motherhood and healthy living are the driving forces that make her such a successful franchisee, and a wonderful person to call friend. Her tenacity and dedication to FIT4MOM is going to lead her to do great things. Her inspiration is contagious!” – Megan Cairns Lungu

“She is a go-getter whose constant positivity can make a real difference in a Mom's day. You can tell she cares about us and our overall wellbeing.” – Linny Unzicker

"Jill embodies the FIT4MOM mission: Help moms make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life. Jill may not poor the cool-aid, but she hands out the cups." – Theresa

"Jill is someone who truly lives out what she loves. Her passion and enthusiasm for life is contagious. Fit4Mom is a better organization because of her and I'm very appreciative having Fit4Mom in my life. Jill rocks!" – Heather Vessey Shore

As for myself, Jill has been a voice of reason to my very unreasonable fitness expectations. She reminds me that I’m not going to reach my 30 lb weight loss goal after one week of stroller strides classes, that I’m probably not going to have Kate Hudson’s ass because I had a salad for lunch and that I’m capable of so much more than I believe I am. I am an instant gratification sort of girl and if I don’t see instant results, I immediately want to quit. Jill doesn’t let me quit. She just keeps pulling me back in, and what do you know? If you stick with something, it actually works! Without Jill to encourage me and push me to realize my potential, I probably would have quit Stroller Strides early on and would have never been able to call her my friend.

So here’s to you Mrs. Jones! You are the heart and soul of this fantastic organization and we can’t tell you enough how much we love and respect you. Now give me 50 burpees!