Why is Living Healthy so Hard?

Why is Living Healthy so Hard?

Working out and eating healthy is the WORST! It’s hard. It’s time consuming. It hurts. Results take way too long. And finding the time with kids – forget about it! So why do we do it? Why would we choose to put ourselves through this torture? Because, maybe we’re just not ready to give up on ourselves yet. Because, as the saying goes, nothing worth doing is easy. Because, being healthy is actually kind of important and we owe it to ourselves and our families to at least try. So, let’s tackle those excuses! You’ve got this!

Making the decision to get healthy and creating a plan to accomplish that goal is easy! It’s the execution that’s hard. Trust me, there are a million other things I would rather be doing than working out, like sitting on the couch with a candy bar and a glass of wine, binge watching Stranger Things – again. Excuses are easy and convenient and tend to get in the way of progress. Instead of making excuses, make a plan. Your plan should fit into your lifestyle with as little effort as possible, so there is less chance that you will abandon it. If you are attempting to take on Jillian Michaels’ personal workout routine straight out of the box, you’re probably not going to have a good time.

It’s clearly harder for some of us. So why is it so hard? Here are 5 excuses that get in the way of living healthy and how to combat them.

1. Time

Problem - There’s never enough of it! Especially for a busy mama. For me, mornings are rough. Getting everything packed, myself and both kids ready and out the door to get to my 9:30 am Stroller Strides class has been tough and doesn’t happen as often as it should. It’s really easy to just say “screw it” and try again tomorrow.

Solution – Fight the urge to say “screw it.” Pack the night before. Set an alarm. Simplify the morning routine and plan to be early, which will at the very least get you there on time.

2. Lack of motivation

Problem – I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do at the end of the day, when everyone else is eating dinner, is to drive 30 minutes in rush hour traffic to spend an hour killing myself at my Body Back class.

Solution – Push through. If you’ve joined a gym or signed up for fitness classes, simply remind yourself that you paid for this. You wanted results and that takes effort. It might feel a little like torture, but you’ll never regret the workout when it’s through.

3. Healthy food sucks

Problem - Ok, not all healthy food sucks. You can actually create some pretty tasty meals if you make them yourself. What does suck is having to prep and make everything YOURSELF. Eating healthy when you need quick and easy is almost impossible. This is where I struggle the most when it comes to eating healthy.

Solution – Eating healthy can be done with a little forethought, some meal planning and excessive use of a crock pot. If you’re really brave, I’ve heard the instant pot is magical.

4. Sore for days

Problem - Is it possible to die from walking down the stairs after leg day? I think it might be. Unless you are hardcore and working out daily for years, you are going to be sore after a tough workout. Everything will hurt!

Solution - No pain, no gain, right? Sore muscles means it’s working. Drinking ridiculous amounts of water, stretching and keeping active no matter how much it hurts will greatly help those sore muscles. Eventually, you’ll be so buff the sore muscles will become few and far between.

5. Going out requires homework

Problem – Since when does going out require research? Excuse me while I google menus from all of our potential date night restaurants before we go out so I can make sure there is something I might half-heartedly enjoy. Date night downer!

Solution - This is when you remind yourself that food is fuel. You can still enjoy yourself while eating a salad. And a glass of wine or two won’t completely destroy your diet.

Living healthy is hard! But no matter how many excuses you can come up with, there is always a solution, and you really do “got this!”