Jillian Jones

FIT4MOM Greater Denver Owner

Instructor: Stroller Strides, Body Back and Running Club

I'm Jill! I have been a part of the Fit4Mom tribe for over 3 years now. I started as a lot of our instructors have, as a member. Nervous, scared and unsure of what this adventure called motherhood was all about. I did not have many mom friends, so I googled Stroller workouts and found my calling! Stroller Strides, or as I referred to it after the first workout, Crossfit with a stroller. I still remember the feeling that first day as I approached the army of Bobs. I was more nervous than the first day of school! That feeling soon disappeared as I was welcomed into this group with open arms. I was invited to do things after class, and to even hang out at night. The magical MNO or Moms Night Out if you are not familar. I finally felt "normal" again, or at least as "normal" as a new first time mom can feel. But I had support! And that was the beginning for me. From that moment on I was all in!
Fast forward 3 years and I went from a member, to an instructor, to a Body Back coach, to a marathoner, to the General Manager, to a mom of 2, to the owner!
It has been a crazy road, but one filled with so many amazing friends, amazing adventures, and turns I never imagined my life would take. I am so excited to step into the role of owner for the Greater Denver and SE Aurora/Parker Area, and cannot wait to continue to grow this amazing tribe that we have created.
I am a mother to two beautiful girls, Brooklyn (3) and Harper (8 months), and wife to a super supportive and awesome husband! I also have 3 fur babies!
I love running, and these days can call myself a distance runner! My husband actually calls me a border collie because I get a little nutty if I cannot get out to stretch my legs!! My goal for this year is to get the miles back on my legs after baby 2!
I joined Stroller Strides back in January of 2013, and immediately fell in love. The programs were so much more than just a workout, and I quickly fell in love with my tribe. With the help of Stroller Strides and Body Back I was able to lose the 65 lbs I had gained with my first pregnancy. I was able to get in the best shape of my life and become an instructor. I was able to run my first marathon. And I was able to have an active, fit and fabulous second pregnancy!
I instruct Stroller Strides and Body Back and love being able to connect with moms on all different levels, and help them achieve their goals! The best feeling is seeing the smile on a mom's face when she realizes that she has achieved what she set out to do!
I love everything about Fit4Mom! I have grown not only as a mom, and an athlete, but I have also been able to help women reach some amazing goals.

Certifications and Education:

AFAA Group Fitness
Stroller Strides
Body Back
Running Coach
BS in Biology

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