Amedee Royer

My husband and I had moved to Denver when my son was 3 months old. I was desperate to build mommy relationships and get my poor, leaky and weak post partum body back into shape. Post partum was the pits. I had felt so strong pregnant. Don't get me wrong. I got huge!! I had gained 50 lbs and felt like a land locked manitee by the time Austin made his appearance at 41 weeks and 4 days, but I also felt so strong. I had walked miles upon miles every day and did lots of squats and baby yoga to keep strong.

After, in the midst of post partum, I felt flubby, weak, sore, leaky, sleep deprived, and slightly broken. I was so in love with my little boy, but so downtrodden about my self and my body. I remember thinking, " I'll never feel normal again" or " fit again" or "sexy again" or "confident again". It was rough.

Stroller strides was a god send and blessing. A life rebuilder.

I found out about Stroller Strides and fit 4 mom at a la leche league meeting a few days after we moved to Denver and kept it in the back of my mind for when I got more than 2-4 hours sleep at a time.

I started Stroller Strides in April, when Austin was 7 months. My first class was with Erin at the Kompound and I brought my mom for moral support. Whew!! That first class kicked my BUTT. I could barely get through and I had already started back with some semblance of a work out routine by myself. Planks while singing the "ABC's" killed me!

After, the first class I was hooked. I started with a 2 class a week pass, but soon moved to unlimited. I couldn't get enough SS.

Here's the thing. I fell in love with Stroller Strides. It's a kick butt workout that I get to do with my baby. No day care! He loved getting to watch the mommy's and other babies. The instructors are so positive and amazing at their jobs. I'm never bored at a workout and am seriously the most toned I've ever been in my LIFE! SS also gave me an amazing mom community and a group of women who I would consider to be some of my dearest, most supportive friends.

So, since having Austin last July, I lost 90 lbs and SS helped me shed 40 of those lbs. That was 4Olbs in 4 and 1/2 months! I got to my first weight goal in July of this year. I set another weight loss goal just to keep the momentum going, but then I got pregnant with our second baby. Now, I look forward to sticking with my SS routine all through this second pregnancy so I can stay sane and not put on those extra pounds I did with Austin.

Also, I've got to get my double stroller soon so new baby can join the SS crew asap.

I can't say enough positive things about my SS experience. I'm back doing the things I love because the workouts gave me the confidence I was lacking. I tell every new mom I meet to check it out. First class is free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It's more than a workout. It's life giving.

So, to Jill and all the instructors, Thank you for helping me get my confidence back and start a healthy life routine for myself and my kiddos. You ROCK!

Looking for classes in Northern Colorado? Check out the new FIT4MOM NoCo

Check out the new FIT4MOM NoCo

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