"[She] convinced me that a half marathon was doable."

Ginger Park

Since having my children I have always found it hard to find someone to work out with that included the kids. I tried another type of class after my first, but found my daughter to be non-cooperative, and I didn’t seem to click with the instructors or the other participants. Since meeting Darcy, she has been an incredible inspiration. She is organized, determined, and encouraging. When Darcy first started the training for the Colorado Marathon, I said, I’d just train for the 10K…thinking that is all I could accomplish, or find time for. Darcy, not only convinced me that a half marathon was doable, but offered to help watch the kids while changing meeting times to fit my crazy Mommy schedule. The other participants were a joy to be around and made running fun. I found I simultaneously dreaded and looked forward to our Sunday runs. You know it’s something good, when you find the prospect of running 7 miles not only easy but enjoyable. Darcy is amazing. Thank you Fit4Mom Front Range.

Looking for classes in Northern Colorado? Check out the new FIT4MOM NoCo

Check out the new FIT4MOM NoCo

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